Endorsements for The First Americans Were Africans


 “In The First Americans Were Africans David Imhotep makes a passionate, imaginative and comprehensive case for a radical rewrite of orthodox history. I was provoked, entertained and intrigued by the book and by the many interesting possibilities that it opens up for consideration.”

--Graham Hancock








“Dr.David Imhotep’s thesis is an exciting study and a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of the first Americans.”

--Robert Bauval & Dr. Thomas Brophy









Little's Book

“This is a remarkable book, Dr. Imhotep has pulled together an amazing set of facts furthering the path set forth by Berry Fell and others.”

--Dr. Greg Little

“Dr. David Imhotep brings us the evidence that shows that Africans peopled the American continents before any other people. There are bound to be many people who will follow the lead of this pioneering scholar Dr. Imhotep. He puts into context much of the information that has been gathered over the years and makes it accessible to the ordinary reader as well as to the scholarly reader. Imhotep’ intent with this book is to burst onto the scene with a follow-up to the best of the works by Diop. Imhotep’ work must be considered in the forefront of our new awareness of the great depth of African contributions to the world of science and art, and human beginnings on this very continent.”

--Molefi Asante Ph.D. author of The History of Africa

“Dr. David Imhotep presents keen insight into the ancient history of America. You will discover the long antiquity of African people in the New World and how they contributed to the rise of civilization in the West: the archaeological, linguistic and genetic evidence supports Dr. Imhotep’s thesis of a pre-Columbus African presence in America. It shows that David has opened a new path of scholarship relating to the peopling of the New World that is long overdue. Finally we must conclude that multiple sources of evidence substantiate Dr. Imhotep’s thesis that the first anatomically modern humans in the Americas may have come from Africa.”            

--Clyde A. Winters Ph.D author of Afrocentrism: Myth or Science


“Imhotep’s collection . . . the maps, photos, drawings and reports comparing the construction by Ohio Valley mound builders and New Mexican pueblo cliff-dwellers to the Mandingo of Mali are thought-provoking. So are references drawn from Mexican Olmec legends of dark-skinned peoples arriving in bark-skin boats out of the sunrise. Imhotep’s collection of evidence is not limited to comparing ruins. He delves into DNA links between peoples of Africa and the Americas, and examines everything from pottery to plants to help prove his theory. Are these and other points Imhotep makes enough to prove thatAfricans, and perhaps even Egyptians, explored, settled, and traded back-and-forth across the South Atlantic? Whether he is right or wrong in hisinterpretation of the evidence is not the issue, he presents a strong enough case to make the reader think . . . it is packed with far too much evidence for the reader to ignore.                                            

--The Clarion Review